We Got You Covered

Established in 2003, for over 20 years Voltage Productions has become a key player in the Latin America region for all kinds of film production, either for advertising or entertainment.

Our Production Services can satisfy any demand or need, including the top of the line cameras, organized crews, stunning locations and everything in between. Highly competitive costs, a stable dollarized economy, short distances and a cosmopolitan population have made Panama a well-kept secret for international productions, from Bond films to award-wining ads.

Voltage’s reputation for efficiency, quality service and teamwork is undisputed.

Your Man in Panama

Guillermo Bárcenas is Voltage’s Executive Producer and overall fixer. He is also a well-established businessman who puts all his local connections at your disposal.

He has run the company since 2007, working with the best people in the business and supporting their talent. After hundreds of shoots for all kinds of productions – commercials, documentaries, series, features – he knows how to get things done in time, within budget and according to the client’s standards.

Guille is also an avid surfer, an experienced golfer and a fishing enthusiast. He is a family man who grew up in a family business, so his values and his work ethic are solid. Catching a big wave, a big fish and a lasting client is what he lives for, always striving to put Panama at the forefront and creating new opportunities for those around him.

Panama is our home

and it’s such a great place that we do everything we can to promote it and care for its people.